A unique combination of complementary skills.

Javier Cebrian Bonsai Partners

Javier Cebrián

For more than 15 years Javier has been investing in internet startups. co-Founder of Bonsai Venture Capital in 1999,inverstor in idealista, emagister, softonic, wallapop, glovo & many others.

Juan Teijeiro Bonsai Partners

Juan Teijeiro

before Bonsai Partners Juan & his partners have built some of the most recognized brands in online marketing, Founding companies such as T2o, JOT, Wink & iahorro. Juan has also invested in companies like glovo, wallapop, vice golf, be2/c-date and many others.

Martí Escursell Bonsai Partners

Martí Escursell

Before becoming an investor martí spent half his life as a hands-on consultant in PRESTIGIOUS firms and the other half as an operations wizard in super league formula and letsbonus. SInce then Martí has invested with juan in companies like glovo, wallapop, vice golf and many others.

Andres de la Morena Bonsai Partners

Andrés de la Morena

Co-Founder of Idealista & CFO of Amazon BuyVip, Andrés has been an internet entrepreneur since 2000 becoming an expert in finance and operations. Since 2015 andres has been an active hands-on business angel with investments in habitissimo, alto data analytics and many more.

Domingo Claro Bonsai Partners

Domingo Claro

During university Domingo ventured into photography, music events, social media management, and private equity. In 2016 he joined bonsai venture capital and now bonsai partners.

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Javier Ayuso

Javier started his carrer in PWC then becoming CFO of a large medical lab and then joining juan and Martí as the CFO of Cube Ventures Holdings.